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Oamaru Penguin Symposium 3-4 May, 2023

The Oamaru Penguin Symposium will be held again this year in Oamaru, on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th of May. Note - it is usually held on a Thursday & Friday, but the venue availability has meant it is to be held on Wednesday & Thursday this year.

The Oamaru Penguin Symposium is a biennial meeting attended by researchers, volunteers, field workers, students and rehabilitators from all types of organisations. The symposium began in the late 1990’s as the “Blue Penguin Scientific Symposium” and grew to include other New Zealand penguin species, with recent years seeing the inclusion of penguin species from outside New Zealand.

To continue the growth of the meeting and to provide an opportunity for discussions about other seabird species, the penguin symposium is open to include presentations on all aspects of seabird biology and conservation. The aim is to encourage participation from a wide variety of seabird researchers and enthusiasts.


The venue is the Oamaru Opera House with the day meetings held in the O.D.T Inkbox theatrette.

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